The ReSoNo Smart City
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Our application can be remotely managed by any mobile phone or tablet.
ReSoNo can be easily attached to any existing smart city system.
ReSoNo has a one step setup system.  No need any client program or any serious hardware.
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Our artificial intelligence segmenter collects the data to a cloud storage where our clients can simply query any information anywhere.
We offer our service to business, corporate and government clients, such as municipalities, industrial plants and apartment houses, etc ...
With our application clients can target noise sources in an accurate and cost efficient way.
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The ReSoNo Smart City solution is designed especially for smart cities and for cities that want a smart and cheap online noise map. The artificial intelligence ofReSoNo was originally designed to replace the monotonous and expensive way of acoustic engineers working in the cities and to be able to find and detect emitters from various sources of noise, collecting information. This solution decreases the need for human resources, which is especially important on such an expensive field as acoustic engineering where the price of a regulatory validated analysis of an investment can reach 1.700 EUR. We recommend this service particularly for measuring the noise pollution in the neighborhoods of building sites, heavy traffic, industrial plants, etc... This intelligent measuring assistant helps the expert on the field, but it can also perform a noise monitoring task all alone, without human assistance.
Its modular structure enables the usage in many different situations, such as the measurement of noise emission, noise disturbance, the measurement of multi-source noise disturbance, concurrent noise monitoring and source analysis, long term monitoring, etc. Noise disturbance affecting people living in cities is one of the biggest challenges we are facing today. Noise disturbance can cause haring and neural impairment, sleeping and mental disorders. According to our plans this system will be compatible with any existing urban noise monitoring system or can be set up as a single and independent solution. But ReSoNo can be also useful in a corporate environment and other places where noise needs to be monitored and controlled. Such as festivals, industrial field, rail or tramway systems, etc...

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