The ambient noise problem
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Decrease health care expanse and noise pollution with accurate data and proper decision.
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The ambient noise causes several health problems. This effects on our commonwealth and healthcare system costs hundreds of billions Euros.
Road traffic is the most dominant source of environmental noise in Europe, with an estimated 125 million people affected by noise levels greater than 55 decibels (dB) Lden (day-evening-night level). The European Commission estimates the social cost of rail and road traffic noise in the EU as being EUR 40 billion per year, of which 90 % was related to passenger cars and goods vehicles.
The main problem of the city noise maps is that the measurement process contains averaged and estimated numbers. With our system cities can get up to date and deep data.
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Action plans focusing on decreasing noise pollution in the European Union are all based on mandatory noise measurement and mapping, however state-of-the-art noise monitoring methodologies are outdated and give calculated values based on static, periodical measurements and statistical extrapolation. As a result, the currently used noise maps are mostly presenting inaccurate values (in most cases overestimating noise levels) which lead to ineffective actions to fight against noise pollution.

Health care problem

Noise pollution has long been recognized as affecting quality of life and well-being. Over past decades it has, in addition, increasingly been defined as an important public health issue. Noise is now considered the second largest environmental health risk (behind only ultra-fine particulate matter air pollution) in urban areas. More than simple annoyance; noise disturbance can cause hearing and neural impairment as well as cardiovascular, sleeping and mental disorders. According to NO!SE in EU the “noise pollution has a major social and territorial impact and generates a very high financial cost for towns, estimated at 0.4 % of the European Union's total GDP”

The average numbers problem

The main problem of the city noise maps is that the measurement process contains averaged and estimated numbers. First an agent counts the average traffic in the area. It takes one day or a week is certain days and certain time but only in that time. The second step, the acoustic engineer assigns an average noise value to every vehicle class resulting an estimated value. The third step is to assign this estimated value to the estimated number of vehicles.

As you can see the result of the process is the estimation of the estimation. The ReSoNo which is the only patented real time source selective noise monitoring and mapping system can provide precise data in real-time for stakeholders.

Without proper data no proper decision can be made.

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