ReSoNo makes the engineers? life easier. This is an automatic real-time source-selective noise monitoring and mapping robot based on an artificial intelligence created to get every field work done automatically instead of using expensive manpower.

ReSoNo is also an environment monitoring innovation. It can monitor noise anywhere without intervention 0-24 hours.

ReSoNo is a combination of hardware and software, but the software can be installed on yet existing systems too.

ReSoNo is able to measure noise direction selectively in 360 degree and you can choose the data of the desired direction.

We can deliver ReSoNo with built in cameras in order to visually recognize the noise sources.

ReSoNo is able to send measurement results through the internet using WiFi/3G/4G network.

All you need is to install ReSoNo to the desired site and start the monitoring. You don?t need to keep your engineers on the site anymore if you have ReSoNo.

ROB and its Resono Project has become one of the projects supported by the EU to be developed as an innovative application based on ??FIWARE. Untill the middle of 2016 the ??ROB team will work on utilizing the benefits of the Future Internet platform.


ReSoNo for Experts

ReSoNo for Transportation

ReSoNo for Community

ReSoNO for Industry



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